Candle Products Discover the beauty of candles

Candle Pillars

Pillar candles have stunningly attractive appearances. They can be made in various colours, fragrances and shapes, which turns them into excellent decoration at homes. They can be in plain colour or mixed colours. Besides, words and specially-designed patterns can be engrave on the candle's body, giving them extraordinary looks. In general, pillars are heavier and have longer burning time than ordinary candles.

Candle Jars

Candle jars are clean and tidy as they are self-contained. KFL offers a full collection of candle jars with different fragrances, ranging from traditional frankincense to modern fruits. The jars can be filled with layered wax in different colour, giving them unique styles. You may pick any combinations and fill you home with revitalising colours and scents.

Tinned Candles

Similar to jars, tinned candles come with their own containers. Therefore, burner plates are usually not required. They can also be in any colours and fragrances.

Floating Candles

Floating candles can be placed in a bowl of water to create soft light at any occasion. They can be in any floatable shapes, ranging from spherical to complex flower shapes. Decorations can be added on top of the candle for more pleasant looks.

Shaped Candles

Candles can be in any shape, ranging from simple fruits to highly complex sculptures. Shaped candles are therefore extremely suitable for decoration, given their attractive and unique looks. Tell us your needs and we will make the candles for you.

Tea Candles

Tea candles are the most commonly used candles in daily life. They derive their name from their use in teapot warmers. Apart from their traditional use, tea candles are also used in churches for religious purposes. In addition, unscented tea candles can be used in essence oil burners for heating. On the other hand, scented tea candles can be used alone for releasing fragrance. Multiple tea candles can be used simultaneously for decoration, especially during parties or gatherings.

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