Incense Products Learn the variety of incense

Incense Sticks

Incense stick has a characteristic wooden core which is usually made from fine-selected bamboo. Incense mixture can be wrapped around the bamboo core by various methods, such as rolling, powder-coating and compression. Generally, incense stick is the most common type of incense as they have been used in various religious occasions for thousands of years. Modern incense sticks can be conveniently used indoors. KFL's traditionally-derived formulae were engineered to release minimal smoke while burning, so you do not have to worry about any choking smoke. Commonly used incense sticks have the length of an adult palm. Believe it or not, some incense sticks can be as tall as two metres! Carvings and decorative paints can be applied on the incense body if they are big enough. KFL is capable of manufacturing all types of incense sticks, all you have to do is talk with one of our staffs regarding your requirements.

Boneless Incense

Boneless incense is similar to incense sticks in the sense that that they are both in rod shapes. The only difference is that the former one has no wooden core, as its name suggests. As a result of this, boneless incense is usually thinner and more fragile. Users may easily divide the incense into smaller portions to determine the burning time.

Incense Cones

Incense cones have circular bases which burn perfectly on holders. The burning time varies according to the size of the cones. They can also be tossed directly into a fire for a strong and instant fragrance. KFL's incense cones have excellent appearances as well as long-lasting scent, making them perfect decoration at home or at office.

Incense Coils

Coils are circular in shape, which can be burnt on a holder plate. They are usually compact and unstretchable. The coiled shape allows greater total length, which leads to longer burning time.

Spiral Incense

Incense spirals can be stretched into tower shapes, which are amazingly good-looking. They are also very variable in terms of size. Small ones have the size of a palm, while the large ones can be as large as a dinner table. Large ones are heavier and are fixed with strings. The gigantic ones have extremely long burning time, sometimes as long as half month. They can be suspended on a tree, arbour or parasol, providing pleasant fragrance for your outdoor activities. Smaller ones have shorter burning time and can be hung on a burner for indoor use.

Shaped Incense

Creativity is always in our mind. Apart from traditional forms, KFL manufacture incense in all shapes, such as leafs, flowers and fruits. Contact one of our staffs and tell us your innovative concepts.

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