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X'scent is KFL's umbrella brand for its aroma products. This includes incense, candles, diffusers... etc. All products are made with materials of the finest quality, which release persisting and pleasant scent. They are offered in premium packagings with enchanting looks.

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Kwong Fat Loong

Kwong Fat Loong is KFL's oldest brand for traditional Chinese incense products. Our products have been extensively used in homes for meditation purposes. The Kwong Fat Loong brand is positioned as a mid- to high-level brand, thus we only use natural ingredients with traditional formulae. Our products are made with traditional methods under the supervision of experienced technicians, therefore the quality is always guaranteed. We offer our products in several series, such as the leading 'Royal Dragon' incense series and the 'Imperial Court' incense series. Kwong Fat Loong products are exceedingly popular in China and we have excellent sales record in major markets like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Guangdong.

Apart from incense, our lantern products are included as part of the Kwong Fat Loong brand. All lanterns are hand-made with traditional designs. We foresee market trends and offer new designs on an annual basis.

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Lotus Candles

Lotus is a brand which specialises in traditional candles. Our candles are available in various shapes and sizes.

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